RCT – Is root canal permanent

RCT, popularly known as root canal treatment, is a routine dental procedure to relieve tooth pain. It is a highly effective and painless way of relieving toothache, but the most common query that people have about it is: Is root canal permanent? 

If you have a similar doubt, then please read the information provided below- brought to you by Dr. Sindha Dental Clinic Bharuch.

Root canal treatment is a procedure done to save the natural tooth from extraction. Extraction is always kept as a last resort by our experts at Dr. Sindha Dental Clinic Bharuch. We also prefer saving natural teeth. Now, coming to the burning question- Is root canal permanent? The short answer to this is yes; it is a permanent procedure. However, you need to follow a few aftercare instructions to increase the life of the tooth. 

Importance of Root Canal Treatment Aftercare

Promotes Healing

Aftercare done correctly promotes the healing of the treated tooth. Following the instructions, such as practicing good oral hygiene, is essential. Brushing regularly twice daily and incorporating flossing into your routine is recommended. 

Prevents Infection

An RCT eliminates the source of infection that was causing the pain and discomfort. Proper aftercare also means you prevent the chances of reinfection by protecting the teeth. This protection means restoring the teeth to eliminate the chances of reinfection and preventing complications. 

Protects the Tooth

The tooth undergoing RCT is structurally damaged and compromised in terms of durability. Taking good care often means protecting the tooth by various means. It is advisable to go for complete restoration as suggested by our team. It is also recommended to avoid eating hard food items till the tooth is adequately protected. This allows the protection and preservation of the natural tooth structure. 

Points to note for RCT Aftercare

Talking about whether is root canal permanent? Yes, it is permanent, but you need to follow a few aftercare instructions to increase the life of the treated tooth. 

Avoid extra pressure

Refrain from adding undue pressure onto the teeth that can damage the remaining tooth structure. Do not eat from the side where RCT has been done till the restoration is complete. Do not attempt eating hard food objects till you get your crown. Also, refrain from parafunctional habits like chewing on pens or pencils, using your teeth as tools, and nail-biting to avoid unnecessary pressure on the teeth. 

Good dental hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial after a root canal treatment. Brush your teeth gently twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Incorporate flossing for interdental cleaning.

Watch your diet

Avoid eating hard food items like raw fruits and vegetables after the root canal treatment. These foods can put excessive pressure on the tooth or potentially dislodge the temporary filling or crown.  

Get your Dental Crown

A dental crown is a prosthetic restoration that restores the form and function of the teeth. It is used for restoring the natural shape of the teeth. After root canal treatment, the affected tooth often becomes more susceptible to fracture. Hence, a dental crown is used to provide long-term stability and durability to the tooth structure.