What is a dental post and core – A brief overview  

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure done to relieve the toothache. It removes the infected portion of the tooth and fills it with a biocompatible material to prevent reinfection. After root canal treatment, the tooth is covered with a dental crown to protect it from future damage. The tooth structure is covered with a dental crown to wear the functional stress of eating and chewing. Sometimes, the tooth structure is not sufficient and needs extra support. The extra support is provided by post and core build-up procedures. An augmentation procedure helps rebuild the natural tooth structure to receive the dental crown. To know more about what is dental post and core, read the information provided below- brought to you by Dr. Sindha Dental Clinic Bharuch.

Parts of a Post and Core – What is a dental post and core

A post is a tiny piece of fiber or metal inserted into the root canal space. It is usually a few millimeters long and helps in providing anchorage to the core of the concerned tooth. 

The core build-up is the portion that helps rebuild the missing portion of the tooth. The dental core comprises tooth-colored resin material that helps hold the dental crown in place. 

What is a dental post and core & How is it used?

The RCT procedure seals the canal space with a biocompatible inert material. It is done after thoroughly cleaning the canal space and removing the infected portion. Post is inserted into the canal space after removing some sealing material. It is done with the help of a rotating handpiece. The process is painless and done in a single sitting after RCT completion. Once the post is stabilized and confirmed radiographically, the buildup process starts with the tooth-colored materials. 

Post and core are generally advised when less than half of your tooth structure is damaged and unsuitable for dental crown placement. The primary aim of dental post and core is to facilitate dental crown placement mechanically. 

Why are post and cores needed?  

The dental post and core are needed to support and rebuild the natural tooth structure. It is used to stabilize the dental crown on the tooth structure. If very little tooth structure is present, the dental crown dislodges quite easily and can damage the natural tooth. It is advised to go for dental post and core build-up before dental crown placement to prevent such complications. 

The core is rebuilding the tooth closer to its natural form. The significant benefit of a post and core restoration is strengthening the compromised tooth structure. The post and core build-up helps in crown placement by rebuilding the natural tooth structure. It is an excellent way of preserving the natural tooth. 


The post and core build-up is an augmentation process that helps rebuild the tooth structure. It is not necessary in all cases of root canals. To know your eligibility, it is crucial to get your clinical examination done by our experts at Dr Sindha Dental Clinic Bharuch.